A Startup Management Company


  • SupportYourApp.com

    B2B Customer Care
    Subscription Service

  • Softorino.com

    Windows & macOS Utility

  • Coppertino.com Realized, 2015

    macOS and iOS Consumer

  • Alty.co

    iOS & Android
    App Development Outsourcing

  • LabelYourData.com

    Scalable Data Annotation Service for AI Companies

  • SHEis.ai

    Natural Language Processing R&D Company


  • Petro Bondarevskyi

    Managing Partner

  • Daria Leshchenko

    Partner, SupportYourApp

  • Kateryna Moisieieva

    General Financial Manager

  • Dan Engel

    Advisor at SupportYourApp


Helping bright minds to shine. Since 2009.

At IIG we believe there are billions of undervalued ideas, and underrated talents/dreamers. They were just not loud enough to be heard. We are searching for them and listen to them. And unlocking their hidden potential with our expertise.

We focus on the team & and looking into a core potential of the business or idea. These are the key components. We evaluate and collaborate together to make the idea happen. We keep primary focus on a very early stage (inception) of the business. This is our major advantage and differentiation.