A Private Tech Assets Management Company


  • SupportYourApp.com

    B2B Customer Care
    Subscription Service

  • Softorino.com

    Windows & OS X Utility

  • Coppertino.com Realized, 2015

    OS X and iOS Consumer

  • Alty.software

    iOS & Android
    App Development Outsourcing


  • Petro Bondarevskyi

    Managing Partner

  • Daria Leshchenko

    Partner, SupportYourApp

  • Slava Bushtruk

    Associate, CEO at Alty

  • Dan Engel

    Advisor at SupportYourApp


Helping bright minds to shine. Since 2009.

At IIG we believe there are billions of undervalued ideas, and underrated talents/dreamers. They were just not loud enough to be heard. We are searching for them and listen to them. And unlocking their hidden potential with our expertise.

We focus on a TEAM & potential of an IDEA. These are the key components. We evaluate and collaborate together to make the idea happen. We keep primary focus on a very early stage (inception) of the business. This is our major advantage and difference. For the past 8 years over 50% of project supported or started with IIG succeeded.